Greatness Awaits

Hello and welcome to the official site for Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta chapter at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Sigma Pi Fraternity International is one of the top men's collegiate organizations in North America. With 120 active chapters in the United States and Canada, our brotherhood has accumulated more than 100,000 alumni and 5,300 undergraduate members. Since our founding over a century ago, Sigma Pi Fraternity has been devoted to improving men toward the ideals of fellowship, scholarship, character development, cultural diversification, leadership, and service.

Since its founding, our chapter has thrived at the University of California Santa Cruz. As one of the largest Greek organizations on campus, we've brought professional networking, academic resources, social opportunity, and community service to hundreds of men from a variety of backgrounds throughout the university.

We've always got something big going on so make sure to check out our Blog for updates on our chapter's whereabouts. You can also keep a look out for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Calling All Gentlemen

If you're thinking about joining a Greek organization, you're on the right track. Rushing Sigma Pi is a decision that you'll never regret; we guarantee it.

Fact 1: since 1825, all but three U.S. presidents have been members of a fraternity. Fact 2: 85% of Fortune 500 executives were part of Greek life. Fact 3: college graduation rates are 20% higher among Greeks than among non-Greeks. And the facts go on. While joining Greek life is not a guaranteed path to success, it can certainly help you get there.

Sigma Pi prides itself on being one of the top fraternities in North America. Our brothers have gone on to achieve incredible things with their future, and we want you to be our next success story. Don't believe us? Check out our Alumni page to see some of the achievements of Iota-Eta's own alumni for a little inspiration.

For more information on how to become the next brother of Sigma Pi Fraternity, take a look at the 'Rush Sigma Pi' section of our About page.

Support Our Men

Providing academic, philanthropic, and social resources to nearly one hundred young men every year can be costly. As a non-profit, Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta chapter relies heavily on the generosity of the community to achieve our mission statement. Any and all contributions are welcome with open arms as our chapter marches forward to even bigger and brighter horizons.