Alumni in Action: Justin Kwok

Justin Kwok

Class: Eta
Graduated: 2014

Justin is currently a software engineer at Razer Inc. He was one of fifteen engineers who helped design and build the Razer Forge TV from the ground up. As a result, a decent amount of the product's software and apps contain code that was written by him. Some of the applications Justin worked on include

  • Porting Netflix and various streaming services onto the system
  • Creating a custom soft remote app for the system
  • Game controller functionality

Justin found his place at Razer by being genuinely interested and invested in software coding and engineering. For him, this meant spending a lot of personal time learning and practicing software writing outside of school. He encourages anyone interested in software engineering to "be passionate about what you do (or pursue). Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. Also take full advantage of all resources and connections you have at your disposal."