The Fine Print

Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter is a non-profit organization which functions as a student governed affiliation under the supervision of the SOAR offices at the University of California Santa Cruz. While Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter exists as a registered organization of the university, it operates separate from the university and its administration. We do not receive any financial support from the university or its affiliates. Our organization is privately funded through member contributions and from third party donations; we are not conjoined or affiliated with any organization outside of Sigma Pi Fraternity International and its partners. For the purposes of this policy, a third party is defined as any individual or organization who is not an active member of Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter.


This website is the intellectual property of Sigma Pi Fraternity International's Iota-Eta Chapter. The site is funded through allocations in the Iota-Eta Chapter budget and maintained by an active member of the Iota-Eta Chapter. Contributions and maintenance to the site are made solely through a privileged individual on the board of Iota-Eta leaders, with supervision from the Iota-Eta Executive Council. Interaction with this website is voluntary and by using this site and its various tools you assume the normal risks associated with sending and receiving data through a host server. We will never, at any time or for any purpose, disclose to a third party any of the information provided through this website.


Under no circumstance will any payment or residential information be collected or recorded by Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter, Sigma Pi Fraternity International, nor by our Squarespace, Inc. host. The donation forms on this website use an SSL encrypted connection to send payment information to our Squarespace, Inc. host which then sends the information to be processed by Stripe. The privacy and terms of Squarespace, Inc. and Stripe may be accessed at these respective links. All funds processed through our donation forms are safely deposited by Stripe directly into the chapter's bank savings account via electronic transfer and can only be accessed, at any time, by the chapter's current treasurer. Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter is not responsible for the theft of any payment or personal information that may result as a security breach of Squarespace's donation and checkout forms and processes, or of Stripe's payment processing methods. All donations are non-refundable.


Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter will never, at any time or for any purpose, disclose to a third party any of the information provided through the various forms on this website. Some contact and professional information provided through these forms may be catalogued in the chapter's records for appropriate use by the chapter's current Executive Council. Unless otherwise noted, your information will never be disclosed to any individuals outside of the privileged webmaster and/or the current Executive Council who have access to the chapter's database without your explicit consent. The information provided in each form submission is sent to a password-protected, secure account which is only accessible to the privileged webmaster and the chapter's current Executive Council. By submitting a form through this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms of use. This website, its forms, and its services are hosted and provided through Squarespace, Inc. Sigma Pi, Iota-Eta chapter is not responsible for any breaches in security that may occur as a result of a server or host error.

Image Uploads

Squarespace forms do not allow visitors to upload photos through this website. The forms on this site require that images be first uploaded to, a third party and unaffiliated site, in order to create a weblink that can then be used as a surrogate. will allow you to upload an image to their server in exchange for a permalink to that image. Your uploaded image will remain available for up to six months of inactivity before it expires. Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter is not responsible for incidental third party discovery or use of your uploaded images. The links shared through the forms on this website will never, at any time or for any purpose, be disclosed to a third party. All images shared through the forms on this site will remain private for use only by the chapter's current Executive Council unless otherwise stated. The privacy policy and terms of use of may be found at these respective links.

Questions & Comments

Should you suspect that your information has been misused, disclosed to a third party, or stolen, or should you have any questions or concerns about how Sigma Pi's Iota-Eta Chapter records and uses the information that it gathers, please contact us immediately and label your message subject as "Privacy."